" Do you want it ? It's for you ! "




Wendy & Flubber 


Nanouk hunting... 


her son, Sherwood 


& her daughter, Kelly, also ready (relax) 


Nala & Nanouk working test  Pomarède 1999.







with their mothers, Nala Nanouk, for training...

and playing...



Wendy in Camargue 

Flubber field-trial '03 


Tango goes hunting with his owner



Sherwood & Timothée in St Martin de Crau 

Our young ESS also ! 

Chester, young retriever at 2 months

Vaya, Venice & Coco, their new friend training at the lake

Coco, Venice, Vaya & c° 

Labradors at work : Athena, Atlas,Vaya,Venice,Vicki & Coco... Anne & Vicki with attention


 Venice & Vaya...

Athena & Atlas learning...

Working day for Venice & Vaya 

One day successful for our working group, relaxation for all !

When, with the grannies...


at 9 years old, always also passionate !


 A walk in the Alps...

Vayanne, young french braque




Bonnie... happy training !


Upland in a shooting-party


Field Trial of Simiane-la-Rotonde

 ...waiting the orders from the judge.

Venice retrieving 


Vaya retrieving


Memories !!!



 Brighton & Burberry





Sherwood & Burberry together




Flying !!!


Grannies with hapinness...








" The Experts"


Timothée, " champion of dives '08 "






with Venezzia...



Fancy & Fiorucci, 3 months old discovering...




Burberry discover the corn on the cob...




With proud & hapiness !